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       Research and Quantitative Metallography
      Specialize in failure analysis with S.E.M. (Scanning Electron
            Microscope) capabilities

       General Metallography

  • Structure Analysis

  • Inclusion size and rating

  • Case depth (carburizing, nitriding, induction, etc.)

  • Plating thickness (zinc, anodic, aluminum, etc.)

Specialized Photmicrography

Mechanical Testing

        Tensile Testing

  • Machining of full-size and sub-size tensile bars

  • Tensile strength

  • Yield strength with electronically recorded stress/strain curve

  • Elongation and reduction of area

  • Bolt testing - Tensile and Proof Load

  • Stress rupture testing

  • Dead weight testing

Hardness Testing

  • Rockwell - standard and superficial

  • Brinell

  • Durometer hardness (rubber and plastics)

  • Micro-hardness testing

Impact Testing

  • Machining of impact bars

  • Charpy "V" notch impact testing

  • IZOD impact testing

  • Sub-zero and elevated temperature capabilities

Pressure Testing

  • Hydrostatic pressure

  • Hydraulic pressure

  • Air pressure

Proof Load Testing

  • All lifting devices


Welding Technology (AWS Approved)

  • Certified AWS (C.W.I.) Certified Welding Inspector in-house

  • Qualify and certify weld procedures and operators to:

-  AWS
-  N.R.C.
-  Government and military specifications

  • In-house training, testing and qualifying facility

  • Write and evaluate specialized weld procedures

  • C.W.I. field inspection


Non-Destructive Testing
        Certified ASNT Level III Inspector in-house

Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • Aerospace, automotive and military certified

  • In-house inspection of small and large parts

  • In-field inspections (mobilized equipment)

  • Inspection of engine components
        - Engine blocks
        - Connecting rods
        - Crankshafts, etc.

Florescent Penetrant Inspection

  • Aerospace and automotive certified

  • In-house inspection of small and large parts

  • In-field Inspections

  • Inspection of engine components
        - Aluminum cylinder
        - Heads and engine blocks, etc.

Shot Peening

  • Aerospace, automotive and military certified

  • Masking and shot peening (all size shots)

  • Automotive shot peening of connecting rods, crankshafts, etc.

  • Grit-blasting


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